Just Atonement and #GivingTuesday


It’s Giving Tuesday! Also known as the day after Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday on the path of increasingly label-heavy days that mark our cultural and economic route through the holiday season.

After a few days of overeating and overspending, it’s time to lighten the load by adjusting our focus onto the needs of others. If you’re looking for a place to channel your generous impulses, why not start with some of the organizations that are working to benefit every community around the world by reducing the impact of commerce and human activity? These groups are focused on protecting the environmental resources we all share, and some of them—like us—are working to provide legal protections and recourse for those who stand in the path of present and future harm. Consider these options as you open your heart and wallet:

Columbia Law School Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Click here to donate.

Georgetown Climate Center 

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Climate Law Institute

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UCLA Emmet Institute on Climate Change

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National Resource Defense Council

Sierra Club

And of course, you can also donate to Just Atonement! We welcome your contributions and support and we couldn’t complete our work without your help. Click here if you’d like to add us to your list!