Statement on March 15, 2019 killings in Christchurch, NZ

We at Just Atonement Inc. share the sadness and shock of those mourning the victims of the terrorist incident in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We condemn as outrageous any acts of terrorism committed against any targeted group. In this case, a declared “white-ethno-eco-nationalist” committed international crimes against innocent people, for the avowed purpose of inciting a global race war and destroying democratic freedoms.

Just Atonement Inc. extends its condolences to all those affected by the trauma of this terrorist attack.

Just Atonement Inc. also calls for the fullest prosecution under law, with due process, for the accused.

Finally, Just Atonement Inc. urges all governments to act, immediately, to prevent terrorist attacks like this from taking place in the future — which includes taking measures to defend our democratic freedoms, respect for the rule of law, extending equal opportunity to all, and mitigating the global environmental breakdown now taking place. Democracy can no longer be equated with war corporatism and eco-annihilation. We must return to the roots of democracy as a people, as a species: defending fundamental rights, providing resources for all, sustaining global peace, and living in harmony with Nature.

Until and unless the underlying causes of terrorism are addressed, our world will continue to see heinous acts of violence — by both lone gunmen and governments — for the foreseeable future.

We pray for all those affected.

On behalf of Just Atonement Inc.,

/s/ Inder Comar

Executive Director