Just Atonement Inc. is perhaps the only legal non profit in the world today dedicating time and effort to holding those leaders accountable who planned and executed the Iraq War.

JAI’s past work includes the Saleh v. Bush case, which resulted in a February 2017 court order from the Ninth Circuit court of appeal, which ruled that President Bush and other high-ranking officials were immune from proceedings under US domestic law, regardless of whether international law did not provide for such an immunity.

Our current work focuses on advocacy and other potential litigation avenues for litigating the Nuremberg-era “crime of aggression” with respect to Iraq.


'These are dangerous times': the man who sued George W Bush and the Iraq war

The Guardian - March 11, 2017

"I’m really glad the court is challenging Trump in the immigration context. But, for whatever reason, when it comes to war and peace, in the US it’s just boxed away in another part of our brain. We just don’t question it. We need to have a conversation about why we’re always at war. And why we’re always doing it unilaterally."

Remembering the Costs of the Iraq War in the Age of Trump

The Nation - January 5, 2017

"Inder Comar, the plaintiffs’ attorney in Saleh v. Bush, a class-action lawsuit against Bush and other top administration officials, testified about the illegality of the Iraq War, how it constituted a war of aggression."


Ninth Circuit oral argument - Saleh v. Bush