Practicing Leadership: Found are Those Who Lose Themselves in the Problems of Others

As we move forward with the establishment of Just Atonement and the drafting of our step-by-step road map to a more just world, a globally shared idea of law, community, and responsible governance, we’re thinking a lot about leadership. We refer to leadership in the larger sense—separate nations and systems of governance that answer to their citizens—but also in the smaller sense: How we ourselves can build our organization and how we can encourage meaningful acts of leadership among those who share our goals.

Since most of us have needed (or will someday need) to apply our leadership skills to the circumstances around us, we’d love to know what works for you. When you need to lead others-- to rally, direct, or inspire—what approach do you choose? Do you use your own behavior to set an example? Do you focus on providing clear instructions? Do you start by giving your audience a reason or motivation to act? Do you listen first or talk first? What works for you?

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We’ve love to hear your story, so if you have a minute, please send us a message or comment below. Our already diverse culture continues to wildly divide and reconnect along unpredictable fault lines that split and merge in a web that covers our national landscape from shore to shore. We’d like to know how you typically reach across these shifting divisions to get things done or to help others understand your point of view. Share your best moves with us!