Separation from UNESCO

Just Atonement works every day to defend international law, promote peace and stability, and combat climate change. Our lawyers bring suits in the US and internationally to build and defend peace and hold leaders accountable if they fail to protect their people or the rule of law. We also network around the world with legal pros and non-profits to support our goals and promote democracy and sustainability.

This is a multi-disciplinary effort of course, involving a complex intersection of natural science, political science and international law, and we recognize that cultural studies and history also play a role in our long-term mission. So we’re very interested in the separation of the United States from Unesco (link:, the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Unesco has been a major force in the promotion of cultural and educational reforms in the pursuit of universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights. The organization will continue to promote these goals, but as of 2019, the US will no longer serve as an active member state, currently one of 195 participants. The stated motivations behind the decision involve accusations of anti-Israel bias.

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If you have a history with Unesco, as an employee, volunteer, donor, or partner, we’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this separation. We’re also interested in the promotion of other organizations that share the same vision, though they may operate on a smaller scale. As one avenue toward peace and democracy narrows or breaks down, it’s our shared responsibility to open others and protect the arc of global progress and the path to international stability.