Building a new human rights group!

There are a lot of challenges in building the human rights group of the future!

Particularly a human rights group that will be relevant to the big challenges of the 21st century: war on the one hand, and climate change on the other.

Here are some of the challenges we are dealing with at Just Atonement Inc. ("JAI"). Wouldn't be fun without some challenge, after all:

  • Staying relevant. This is a problem for all companies, whether they are for-profit or non-profit, but for non-profits its particularly a challenge to stay relevant to the changing crises of the times. We at JAI are not trying to replicate the wheel. Rather, we are trying to focus on the root challenges of the 21st century in a way that other groups are not doing. In time, the link between war and climate change will seem like conventional wisdom. But for now, it's up to us at JAI to make these connections.
  • Spreading the word. We are a totally new non-profit. So the big challenge is getting the word out that there are people who are out there, trying to do what they can to prevent the worst-case scenarios of both unbridled war and unbridled warming. There's already so much doom-and-gloom and negativity out there. We want to spread the word that there is hope, but it requires action.
  • Building alliances. Part of our mandate is to build alliances with other groups. But as the new kid on the block, we need to work harder to establish our legitimacy. Our work on the issue of the legality of the Iraq War helps. 
  • Staying positive. Some days, the world looks like it is close to collapse. It's so easy to think the worst. And there are many people who choose to do that. At JAI, we have a different philosophy. We are big believers in the power of intention and action. We believe that a small group of committed people can make a universe of difference.