Getting Involved

Interning for JA: Facing the Unexpected and Predicting the Unpredictable

We’re always looking for ways to expand Just Atonement’s professional network, which usually means reaching out to law firms interested in international cases, individual lawyers looking to expand their foothold in human rights issues, and think tanks and research groups that can help us access the information necessary to support our work on complex and unprecedented cases. But we’re also looking for interns, and in some ways, our interns hold the most difficult job in our office. There’s one simple reason for this: We can’t tell you exactly what the job is, because we don’t know.


 The structure and parameters of our cases are by nature unpredictable, and the boundaries of international law are mutable and constantly evolving. The tasks and learning opportunities available in our office may change from day to day, and any expectations we provide at the beginning of your internship period may change completely by the end. But your expectations of us will probably change as well, and as you shift shape and direction to stay a step ahead of our shared challenges, we will too.

Those who abuse positions of power and push the boundaries of international law and basic human rights can and will eventually face justice, and with each new charge and each new resolution, precedents will be set that will shape the outcomes of future cases. Before the fact, we can’t always predict how these violations will occur and how the international community will respond, and for the same reason, we can’t predict exactly what we’ll need from our interns at any given moment and how their support might move our efforts forward. But if you join us as an intern, we’ll bring you into the loop and you’ll witness the process and contribute in real time. Grow along with us and allow the experience to inform your own evolving career! Contact our office to learn more.