Global Change

Teaming up to Make a Difference

Most of us don’t have the power to change the world simply by exercising our will. We know what we want to see, more or less: justice for ourselves and others, environmental sustainability, equal access to resources, and a general sense of civil peace. We want to see all populations provided with opportunity and education. We want to see wars diverted through the use of diplomacy. We’d like to see our elected leaders making decisions based on sound judgement, empathy and common sense. And we’d like to look forward into a future where the next generation, and then the next, move closer and closer to this ideal, not further away.

But in our current age, some of these possibilities seem to be receding out of reach. Instead of coming closer, a more just and peaceful world seems to be drifting away, and most of us can’t close the gap or make sense of a growing host of global problems by wishing and hoping.

Even those with vast skills or wide reach in one area don’t necessarily hold influence in others. Legal expertise, political connections, scientific knowledge and the wisdom of experience are all somewhat common, but they aren’t to be found in the same person; to bring about real change on a global scale, multiple people need to group together to share information and resources. Systems, disciplines and events are all connected, and once we accept that no one accomplishes anything alone, we can start looking for others who complement and build out our abilities. Then we can start working together as a team to move mountains.  


This is one of the first and primary goals of Just Atonement. We’re looking for experts who can complement and build out our current resources, and as we build a network of diverse disciplines, we can each leverage the knowledge and strengths of the others. We’re looking for individuals and organizations with a deep understanding of climate policy, energy development, food distribution and ecology who can help us understand the challenges we face as the temperature of the planet rises. As a legal team, we need the support of scientists and political experts to help us put our plans into action. And of course, our deep background in climate statutes and international law can ideally turn the concerns of the science community into legal actions that can protect our planet from future harm.

Please consider reaching out to Just Atonement if these categories describe your area of influence. By breaking down the barriers that separate us as individuals, we can work together and strengthen our ability to get things done. To connect, send us a message and let us know your area of expertise! We’re always happy to accept financial donations, but our primary interest lies in information, contact and human capital.