Gun violence

Responding to Global Anxiety

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The global climate is shifting, resource distribution (both actual and imagined) is becoming a source of anxiety, and this anxiety is driving people from their homes, pushing them across borders, making them strangers in strange lands, and aggravating the entitlement of native populations. Ethnic demographics are shifting, birth rates are fluctuating in attention-demanding ways. Meanwhile digital communication has turned the entire world into a single community—a single village of unimaginable size and complexity.

How can we face a changing world in ways that won’t spark fearful, desperate outbursts? How do we either slow the changes, or identify the most vulnerable and ease their uncomfortable transition to a new world?

We’ll need to ease fear, present options and alternatives, calm troubled and terrified souls, guide the misguided, and hold up a lantern for those who are losing—or are about to lose—their way.

We have entered a difficult chapter in human history; All major transitions are difficult. But we believe that if we can make it through the rocky shifts that lie ahead, an golden age is waiting. We also believe that those who are able to see the path, and those who possess helpful knowledge, ability, or influence, have a responsibility to protect and prepare those who lack these things. We will move through this chapter together, whether we choose to or not. Let’s bring our best selves, apply our strengths, whatever they may be, and light the way.