building peace

Supporting JAI's efforts

It's super easy to help Just Atonement Inc. ("JAI") in building peace and creating a sustainable world.

  • Volunteer! As a non-profit, we would love to have you come and volunteer and/or intern with us! Our doors are always open to people who are looking to build peace and create a sustainable world. If you are a lawyer or law student, you can assist us on our human rights projects. We litigate cases in the US, and we are involved internationally with the UN system. We are constantly looking for new approaches. Non-lawyers or students in other fields can help us with content creation, networking, and other peace building initiatives that we are working on in house.


  • Donate! You can make a 100% tax deductible donation through our website. We need resources to staff up internally so that we can continue to build peace and create a sustainable world. Your donation goes to hiring lawyers and other staff who can assist with these efforts.