international justice

What Sets Us Apart

Despite a pervading sense of global instability and concern for an uncertain future, we’re confident that a better world is possible. Here are Just Atonement, we don’t just believe in the rule of law; we believe that evolving and flexible changes in global legal systems can carry us beyond this moment of instability and into a green and sustainable future that’s safer and more conducive to social stability than anything we’ve seen before. If we can navigate the stormy currents that lie ahead, we’ll emerge on the other side with statutes that protect equal access to justice and safeguard threatened elements of our social fabric, including our food systems, disaster recovery initiatives, and building codes that prepare coastal municipalities for rising sea levels.

No single organization can predict the exact challenges that lie in store for us, but many non-profits, foundations, and legal groups are now taking shape, and many of these groups share a common goal: proactively standing up for communities that will bear a disproportionate share of the burden arising from looming environmental and political shifts. Corporations and wealthy individuals typically have recourse to protections that more vulnerable populations cannot access, and when global unrest and natural disasters run their course, these vulnerable populations tend to feel the strongest effects. Like many similar organizations that are coalescing during this challenging era, Just Atonement works to extend available protections to all citizens who lack adequate shelter from the winds of change.


But what makes JA different? How do we stand out from other organizations with similar broad goals? Here are a few details that differentiate our strategies and methods.

1.       We are apolitical.

We embrace no political ideology other than a belief in equal and universal access to safety, stability, and justice, in order to build peace and promote environmental sustainability. We are not affiliated in any way with any established political party, and our financial resources, influence, and legal guidance are vigilantly non-partisan.

2.       We believe in the global rule of law.

State and federal statues in the US can be applied to the protection of individuals affected by instability and environmental degradation, but without the global rule of law, the protections we work for end at our borders. Our interest lies in codifying and finding ways to enforce laws that transcend national boundaries; sensible and enforceable statutes can clarify as-yet murky legal areas related to criminal law, war crimes, drug and human trafficking, and issues related to global climate change.

3.       We believe in dialogue instead of war.

We believe that the limits of diplomacy must be pressed to the breaking point before war becomes the only option. In the world we envision, war is never the only option. Acts of war typically target vulnerable populations first, and these populations bear its most devastating effects for decades and generations to come. We believe in reliance on diplomacy and dialogue to prevent these actions before they take place.

4.       We believe in preparation for climate change.

Evidence suggests that as global temperatures approach an increase of approximately two degrees, the impact of climate change will become an unavoidable reality. While all available efforts should be made to prevent this point of no return, we must also prepare for the realities of this transition. Our team at Just Atonement will soon have the organizational infrastructure, legal expertise, and financial stability to stand up for those who are most likely to feel its effects.